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There are different types of online gambling software available out there and each one works differently. There are those that are available on the web (web-based) and those that require some kind of download (downloads-based).

Live gaming is also an exciting feature offered by some online casinos to retain the atmosphere of off-line casinos. Web-based online casinos are preferable to most people because there are no downloads or hassles but they do require browser support of the relevant plugins. Most people don’t like having to download anything to their computers because of the risk of viruses, especially malware and spyware.

With downloads based software, the software has to be downloaded to be able to participate. Because the downloaded package contains images, graphics and video, it means that this type of software will run faster and will go easy on the internet bandwidth. Downloads create hassles and take time, which is why people often avoid casinos that run on this software. Most online gambling software contains random number generators programmed for each game. A lot of trust has to be placed in your online casino as unlicensed casinos go unmonitored and pull stunts like using software that is programmed to cheat or even refusing the client withdrawal of pay-outs.

The best place to look for a reputable online gambling casino that won’t cheat you out of your winnings or give your computer a happy little virus-friend, is to look at online casino portals that make it their job to find out which places are reputable and which places to add to the black list. Most of the software used is purchased from online gambling- oriented companies which specialise in the software.

Reputable online gambling companies make sure that their software works and that it does pay out what it’s supposed to. Licensed online casinos get audited by major companies to enforce the laws surrounding online gambling and make sure that a certain amount is paid out every month. It’s in their interest to keep you happy as opinion spreads quickly online.

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Luke Schoeman

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