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Gambling has witnessed a major spike in popularity over the previous century, but the reality is that it has been there for what feels like an eternity. Have you ever wondered about the history of gambling and when and where it originally appeared? What exactly started it all?

If you believed the first slot machines and the first casino in Las Vegas were the birthplaces of gambling, you should think otherwise.

It may be difficult to believe, but some individuals believe gambling has existed since the dawn of human civilization. A variety of historical evidence suggests that gambling was present everywhere humans existed.

As a result, the following is a brief history of gambling, detailing the origins of one of the most popular pastimes throughout human history.

1. 2300BC – Ancient Chinese tiles

It is widely assumed that gambling in its contemporary form may be traced back to ancient China. Several pieces of evidence support this notion, including several tiles discovered by archaeologists and assumed to have been used in some type of gambling or game of chance. The “Book of Songs,” often regarded as the earliest book ever written in Chinese, contains numerous allusions to these tiles and their use. Given the strength of the evidence, it is more than acceptable to argue that ancient China was the first country to have a sophisticated lottery system, which a sizable percentage of its residents appeared to enjoy.

2. Dice was invented circa 3000 B.C. in Egypt

Egypt is where a pair of dice thought to be the worlds oldest was discovered. Contrary to common assumption, they did not originate in modern-day Egypt; rather, their origins may be traced back to the country’s ancient history. This type of discovery was made possible by the fact that when ancient Egyptians died, they took all of their prized possessions with them to the tomb. Even though the dice were discovered in ancient Egypt, archaeologists and historians have failed to unearth any evidence to explain how they were employed during that period. Because of their strong resemblance to the dice we know and use today, it is reasonable to believe that they were used in a manner and for reasons comparable to our own.

3. The year 500 B.C. in Rome and Greece

Gambling was also a favorite activity for the ancient Greeks and Romans. Gambling was finally ruled illegal in ancient Rome due to how much time it occupied because the Romans spent so much time participating in and loved it. In light of this, you might be interested in reading AskGamblers’ blog piece about how the history of gambling is full of hilarious and interesting facts. In contrast, ancient Greeks liked not only betting but also a variety of dice games in their spare time. They also thought that the dice were invented by a hero from their mythology. Dice had been invented in ancient Egypt a long time before, but luckily for them, no one was present to burst their bubble and tell them that.

4. 800 A.D. Playing Cards

Some historians believe that playing cards were created in ancient China as well. However, there isn’t a lot of evidence to back up this idea. Although it is unknown where they originated, they became popular about the year 800 A.D.

5. A card game popular in France about the year 1400 A.D

Baccarat, as we know it now, was invented in France about the year 1400 AD. We are at least aware of the country in which the game was created, albeit there is some confusion about who invented the game. When you play Baccarat again, remember that it is a game with French roots, and consider how long the game has been around.

6. The first casino and blackjack game were established in the 17th century

During the 17th century, the gambling business saw one of its most profitable periods. Not only was the card game Blackjack invented in the early 1600s, but it was also the era in which the first casino opened its doors. Blackjack is considered to have evolved from a game called Ventiuna, which originated in Spain (meaning 21).

The world’s first casino was established in Italy in 1638. The first gaming business, known as The Ridotto, had a permanent residence in the city of Venice. It is critical to understand that The Ridotto bore very few resemblances to casinos that are currently in operation. However, because it was a gambling-specific venue, we can consider it a legitimate predecessor to casinos as we know them today.

7. 1796 – Little Wheel

Little Wheel is thought to be the forefather of a popular modern casino game. Can you figure out which one it is? True, the game that evolved into what we now name Roulette was initially known as Little Wheel. The game known today as roulette was invented in Paris; nevertheless, the original version of the game was very different from how it is played now. However, given that we still have various varieties of this game, such as European, American, and French roulette, it is an intriguing experience to learn where they all originated in the first place.

8. Poker – 1829

According to one component of the research, the game of poker may have originated in Persia. On the other hand, some sources believe that it is derived from a game called Poque that is played in France. Even though its beginnings are uncertain, the city of New Orleans is closely identified with the modern version of the card game poker. According to legend, the first game of poker was played in New Orleans in 1829, and it swiftly spread to other parts of the world.

Online gaming began in 1994

When compared to the other examples presented, online gambling is a relatively new phenomenon. The expansion of casino offerings into the internet sphere became a common trend in the twentieth century, corresponding closely with the emergence of the internet. Casinos have the opportunity to attract customers from all around the world by pushing their offerings into the internet sphere. This has been made possible by the numerous advancements and successes made in the sphere of modern technology. The good news is that this is not the end of the story because technical progress has proceeded apace.

In the early 2000s, mobile gambling was popular

Online casinos maintained the trend of growing the number of games accessible and appealing to a bigger audience when they soon shifted their focus to the domain of mobile devices. The number of casino games that can be played on mobile devices has grown in tandem with advancements in internet security and speed, as well as the continual development of our mobile gadgets. At this point, it appears that mobile gaming is at the top of the food chain, but only time will tell how things will grow in the next few years. Given the amount of time that gambling has been practiced, it is logical to anticipate that this popular habit will not go away very soon.

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