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Slot machines are the industry’s equivalent of the golden geese. They are the casinos’ primary source of revenue, accounting for more than fifty percent of total earnings in land-based casinos and close to eighty percent in the world of online gambling.

The beauty of them lies in their uncomplicated nature. Games of pure chance, which require little to no skill and yield large prizes, sometimes hundreds of times a player’s initial bet, are known as “true games of chance.” Due to the fact that they are dependent on technology, it is reasonable to believe that many people have tried to control them in order to increase their chances of success. Here are a few accounts of people cheating slot machines.

Decoding the RNG Allows Russians to Hack Slot Machines

At the beginning of 2011, gambling establishments all over Europe reported having incidents with Novomatic slot machines paying out impossible winnings. Following the commencement of an investigation, the company’s engineers looked for signs that the machines in question had been altered, but they came up empty-handed. They reasoned that someone must have figured out a technique to predict the behavior of the slot based on this information.

Darrin Hoke, a security expert working for the L’Auberge du Lac Casino Resort in Louisiana, made the decision to conduct some private research on his own initiative. He was successful in determining that it was a 25-person operation. These field operatives were a part of a larger group that operated out of St. Petersburg, Russia, and together they defrauded casinos located all over the world.

Following the intervention of the FBI, one of the organization’s most important field operatives, Murat Bliev, was located in the Hollywood Casino in St. Louis, and he, along with three other members of his group, were taken into custody. They were arrested on allegations of fraud and eventually agreed to plea deals to avoid going to trial. A sentence of two years in federal prison was handed down to each of the four defendants.

How to Get Around Payout Limits on Slot Machines Using Your iPhone

A Russian mathematician and programmer by the name of Alex was largely responsible for this group’s accomplishments. He put his skills to work by deciphering the algorithm that controlled the slot machine’s random number generator. Because he was able to anticipate how the machine would behave, he shared this piece of knowledge with his field agents, who were the ones who actually executed the work.

The field agents documented the operation of the slots using iPhones they had with them. After that, they re-sent the tape to St. Petersburg so that it could be analyzed there. When Alex and his colleagues in Russia watched the footage, they were able to calculate the optimal moment to place their wagers and start the reels spinning. They would communicate data to the field agents via a specialized app, which would vibrate at a predetermined moment and tell them when to click the “Spin” button. This tip was really helpful and would lead to significant victories.

If you’re curious, the answer is yes, it is possible to hack a slot machine using an Android phone. It turns out that this Russian group simply used their iPhones as a recording device as a single phase in an otherwise multi-stage operation. Therefore, they could have just as easily filmed with an Android phone if they wanted to.

Is It Possible to Cheat at Online Slots?

To cheat at real money online slots requires a lot of work, if it’s even possible at all. In the scheme that was just detailed, the victims were older computers with less sophisticated random number generators. The games offered at modern internet casinos are extremely difficult to hack.

RNGs create random numbers by employing mathematical methods in the generation process. The use of a seed value marks the beginning of this process. In theory, one might determine the pattern that was used to create the numbers if one were to determine which variable the algorithm used as the seed value and then figure out what that variable was. Due to the advanced level of security measures, however, it is quite challenging to get this kind of information. Even if someone were to figure out the seed value, casinos have the ability to easily re-adjust the random number generator.

Cryptographic random number generators are used by almost all online casinos these days; in comparison to standard RNGs, these are much more difficult to hack.

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A Software Bug in the Slot Machine Is Exploited by Three Players

Andre Nestor was taken into custody by federal officials in 2011, and he was subsequently charged with 650 felony counts of theft, computer trespassing, criminal conspiracy, and a great number of other offenses. While he and a certain John Kane from Las Vegas were on trial for winning hundreds of thousands of dollars in jackpots through fraudulent means, he was conspiring with John Kane.

After coming up with the plan in 2009 on how to break into slot machines found in casinos all around the United States, Nestor recruited his roommate Kerry Verde to help him carry it out. Before they were discovered, the three individuals got to work and cashed off earnings totaling close to $430,000.

Where Did the Error Come From?

The investigators claim that these thieves had prior knowledge of a software flaw that existed in one of the high-stakes slot machines. In order to make use of the glitch, one of the game’s unique features needs to be turned on from the inside. This feature was known as a “double-up,” and it was considered standard for players who enjoy placing large bets. Nestor was able to convince the staff to enable it so that he might win significant quantities of money.

Players have the opportunity to double their profits or risk losing everything by using the function. However, if a player pressed the buttons in a particular order, the machine would give the impression that they had won the jackpot. These jackpots were not recorded in the machine’s internal system, thus they were overlooked when they were awarded.

The activity of the three individuals came to an abrupt halt when an agent from the gaming control board observed the large payoffs and initiated a formal investigation into the matter.

Hackers from Bulgaria Successfully Gain Remote Access to Slot Machines

In 2018, agents from the Cybercrime Department of the General Directorate for Combating Organized Crime (GDCOC) in Bulgaria were successful in dismantling a gang of four members who were involved in organized crime. Late in the month of March of that year, the unique operation was carried out.

In order to influence the results of the game, the group hacked slot machines using a device that allowed them access to machines located in casinos around the country. After an inquiry was opened into a significant theft that took place at an undisclosed Bulgarian casino, the four became suspects in the case.

Soon after, the GDCOC made the discovery and carried out the raid, during which they recovered substantial sums of cash together with the instruments that had been utilized in the commission of the crimes.

How They Managed to Get Their Hands on the Slot Machines

The four individuals carried out their activities in a highly conspiratorial and professional manner. Every member served a distinct purpose in the group. It was the responsibility of one of the members to control who could use the machine. Another participant would act as though they were playing the slot machine, while the others would access the game from a remote location and manipulate the results.

The guy who was responsible for the innovation was one of the four people who were apprehended and faced particular charges related to his ingenious creation.

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